Monday, 21 May 2012

Exams are coming...!!

Hiya guys! Yes, unfortunately, it is that time of year when exams are looming and you have no choice but to tackle all the revision that awaits (urgh!)

I have 11 end-of-year exams next week (ELEVEN!) and considering the amount of revision I've done for them so far (hardly any), I've come to the inevitable conclusion that I really need to take a break from blogging for a couple of weeks and alleviate some of my time so that I can revise.

WHY is it that only A WEEK before my exam do I only begin to realise just how much stuff I actually have to learn, and how little time I have to do it?!! I honestly was planning to be all on the ball and everything with my revision this year as well! That clearly didn't work out :(
(So far, I've only made a start on revising 5 of the 11 subjects I need to do. And I'm nowhere near finishing those yet at all. *eeeeek!!!!*)

Oh no, I'm getting more and more jittery the more I think about my exams! Okay, that's it - I NEED to go revise! 

But anyway, I just thought I should pop a quick note up here to warn you that I'll be absent for a little while (only a couple of weeks - it'll fly by without you even noticing I'm gone, promise! And it'll be half-term after my exams anyway, so I'll have extra time to blog then!) so that you won't think I'm abandoning you!

Rest assured that, of course, I would MUCH rather be here on my blog chilling with all of you than revising, but, sad as it is, revision needs to be done :(

I'll be back! Hang in there! :)


  1. wow that sucks! I have my last exam on thursday and I've been struggling to get into revision. I'm getting there though.
    Good luck with the revision and all the exams!
    Blogger will be eagerly anticipating your return lol.

  2. Aww bless you, good luck with your exams - trust me I know how much they suck! I finished all mine last Tuesday and treated myself to a splurge on Amazon to celebrate :) Nothing relieves post-exam stress better than lots of new shiny books!

  3. Good luck with your exams - I know how you feel! :)

  4. Lots of good wishes coming from me to you!

  5. Good luck with your exams! I've just finished mine so I know how much of a pain they are! When you come back to your blog check out mine as I have an award on there for you :)

  6. Good luck with your exams. If you're anything like me you procrastinate and then ... force yourself to work well under pressure. Sending you positive energy and good wishes for success!

  7. Good luck with your exams. I will not miss those for the summer!
    I've given you a blog award for when you come back :)

  8. Good luck with your exams! I've just finished mine, thank Goodness. I know how much they can suck but once they're over I bet you'll feel so relieved (I certainly did, haha)


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