Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Recommend A...Trilogy

'Recommend A... ' is the awesome new feature thought up by the amazing Shanyn from Chick Loves Lit. Each week there will be a different, creative prompt for us to recommend books that we sometimes maybe forget how much we love, giving us the chance to share book recommendations of books that might not get recommended as much as they deserve.

When I saw this week's prompt I knew straight away what trilogy I was going to be recommending. Okay, so it's a very well known trilogy, one that I think most people will have read, and one that you probably don't need me to recommend to you to know how amazing it is, but, because I just LOVE it SO MUCH...I'm going to recommend it to you anyway!

What is this trilogy that I'm so in love with??? 

The Hunger Games!!!!!!!!!

The three titles in The Hunger Games trilogy by Suzanne Collins are:
  1. The Hunger Games
  2. Catching Fire
  3. Mockingjay 

Some of you may know, I am a MASSIVE fan of The Hunger Games, and if you didn't, well...now you do! This was the series that first got me really into dystopians, a genre which I now love, but aside from that, it just is honestly an AMAZING trilogy!! I've been bugging all my friends to read The Hunger Games, and not one of those smart people who decided to listen to me has not absolutely LOVED it! You probably know all about how amazing The Hunger Games is, so you don't really need me to carry on enthusing about it (and really, I could go on about The Hunger Games and its utterly absolute amazingness for a LONG time, but I won't bore you with my gushing and fangirling...at least, for now...) so all I'm going to say is:

If you've read (and loved!) The Hunger Games, then I LOVE YOU! <3 And you officially make my list of cool people! ;)  
And...if you HAVEN'T...then...WHAT ROCK HAVE YOU BEEN LIVING UNDER?!?!!! Really! Go out and read The Hunger Games NOW!

;) xxx


  1. I love the Hunger Games trilogy and I totally have recommended it to all the people I know! Great choice :)

  2. Sweet! I dressed as Katniss for the premiere so I am TOTALLY a cool person!

  3. These books are ah-mazing! I think these are the books that got me into the dystopian genre too! :D

  4. I love this trilogy! Great choice.(:

  5. These books are pretty good indeed, although I wasn't blown away by the last one.. The second one is by far my favorite one!

  6. I haven't read this trilogy, i know how great people say it is but i haven't been captivated enough. but it does seem interesting.


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