Sunday, 3 June 2012

I'm Back!!! + Jubilee Jubilation Week!

Hey there, peeps! Exams are over, school's out for the half-term holiday, and, boy, does it feel good to be back! It's been a stressful week cramming for those end-of-year exams, but HOORAY because it's all over! Now that I'll be having more time on my hands, (True, I do still have about five/six more weeks until we break up for the summer holidays - can't wait! - but generally the last half-term is more relaxed and all, so it's all good!) hopefully I'll be able to post more frequently.

I just wanted to quickly say thank you to all you guys who have still been dropping by The Book Parade, and commenting, (even whilst I have been an absent presence!) and thanks to all the new followers I've gotten whilst I've been away! It's nice to know I haven't been forgotten, lol ;)

ANYWAYS, what I wanted to announce was a special celebratory week that I'm going to be doing here on The Book Parade this week. As most of you probably know, it's a very special time of the year at the moment, here in England - it's the Queen's Diamond Jubilee, celebrating her reign of 60 years so far! Lots of celebrations are taking place up and down the country, and I thought, what better way to take part in all the patriotic cheer than right here on The Book Parade?

So, throughout this week, I plan to be posting a range of British-themed posts to celebrate the awesomeness of this coutry, and its Queen, including...

  • The Best Of British...YA Books
  • The Best Of British...YA Authors
  • A Grand Feast...
  • 60 Reasons Why Britain Is Brilliant

Hopefully, this will be some fun, and I hope you guys will enjoy my Jubilee Jubilation week!


  1. Welcome back XD Ohhhh well I'm from America ;) but I know what you're talking about. 60 years?!? *whistle* that's amazing! And this sounds like a brilliant idea! I look forward to seeing these posts and congrats on being back!

    All the best ♥
    Mackenzie @ Oh, For the Love of Books!

  2. Sounds like a FAB week!!! Can't wait for your posts, I was thinking of doing a post on my favourite YA books by British authors too so I look forward to reading yours :D x

  3. Sounds like a really awesome week! :) I'll definitely keep my eyes peeled for that! :)

    And thanks for commenting on my "Rite of Passage" post! I loved hearing what you thought about the whole 12-13 debacle. :)

  4. As I'm from the UK we celebrated today by hosting our very own little jubilee house party and watched the flotilla on the telly! It was amazing! Love what you have planned for this week especially the 60 reasons why Britain is great :)


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