Thursday, 2 August 2012

Why I Love Writing

I have always loved reading, ever since I was first able to read. It wasn't long before, from my love of reading, stemmed a love of writing - of being able to create stories as wonderful and as magical as the ones I loved to read. 

I still love reading, and I still love writing, and I dream of being a writer so that maybe I can write books that people will cherish and treasure as much as I do all the books I read now.

A little while ago, I entered a competition over at Dear Writer, a blog run by Siobhan Curham, author of YA contemporary novel Dear Dylan. I was thrilled when I found out that I had come joint second(!!) and I decided to share my entry here with you today. Enjoy :)

Why I Love Writing

Words are the most beautiful, magical thing. Soft and sweet, singing stories that sweep you in like spells.

A pen is the most powerful, precious thing. Allows you to express yourself, pour your soul onto a page, capture emotions and memories, evoke emotions and memories.

Pen and words walk hand in hand like bow and arrow – a fearless weapon, capable of piercing the heart and setting it ablaze with hatred, anger, fear, passion.

Pen and words walk hand in hand like bow and cello – a magnificent musical instrument, capable of playing a melody with the heartstrings, humming tunes that sing of sadness, laughter, joy, love.

When you pick up a pen and write, you are powerful. You have the power to travel to exotic worlds, to discover new things, to laugh, to cry, to fall in love. And even more wonderful, you have the power to share this incredible experience with others too.

Infuse your words with your heart and soul, let a little of yourself flow into the words, bringing them to life, making them buzz with realness.

Writing doesn’t disappear. Your words will remain in the world for generations, to enchant others, to inspire others.

This is why I love writing. I can lose myself in words, lose myself in imagination. 

I can share a little of myself with the world.

I can be anyone. I can do anything.

I am powerful. I am free.


  1. It's ah-maaaziingg! Have u gotten the book yet? x

  2. WOW! That is beautiful, Catherine! I'm in awe, no wonder you won. :) I love writing too, my life long dream is to publish a book someday. I agree with every word you said, writing allows us to everything and anything. Thanks so much for posting - I'm glad I've found another budding writer! ;) xxx

  3. Congratulations Catherine! Thank you for sharing. Beautifully done :)

  4. Catherine, this is beautifully written - you are certainly a worthy winner! I love writing too although I'm doing less of it and reading more now! I agree with a lot of what you have written but you have expressed everything so wonderfully and powerfully! Thank you for sharing this with us and keep writing, I'm looking forward to reading one of your books in future ;) <3

  5. Beautiful. I definitely agree with this.


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